How does helloGOV work?

helloGOV is a platform that enables organizations that engage in advocacy campaigns to create call-to-Congress or call-to-State legislature campaigns, easily share these campaigns across social channels as well as track the results. Followers who click on a campaign can enter their postal address to quickly find the correct representative to call. We also provide call scripts to help make calls easy and effective.

Who can use helloGOV?

helloGOV is ideal for advocacy organizations who frequently use patch-through calls or similar campaigns to mobilize their followers to contact their representatives on state or federal legislation.

What is a campaign? How do I create one?

Campaigns allow you to create, share, and track your impact.

How To Create a Campaign:
1. Log into helloGOV and select “Create Campaign.”
2. Add a name/title and a call script of your choice! You can also include a link to provide further info/background on the topic.


How do I write a call script?

A call script should be concise and explanatory. It should sound natural for someone to use your script when calling his/her representatives. A template and an example script is below.

“Hi, my name is [insert full name] from [insert city and state]. I’m calling today to urge you to vote for/against [insert issue]. This is important to me because [insert concise explanation]. Thank you.”

"Hi, my name is Jane Doe and I'm a constituent from The Woodlands, Texas, and I'm calling to urge you to support the newly introduced bipartisan Bridge Act to extend visas for immigrants currently on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. I think it's really important that these students, coworkers and neighbors have their rights protected to work and live in the country they have always called home. Thank you."

How do I share a campaign?

After you’ve created a campaign, click the “Link” icon and your campaign link will be copied to your clipboard.
You can paste your link anywhere using CMD-V (CTRL-V in Windows) or Right clicking and choosing “Paste”.

Social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) emails, text messages are great places to start.

How do I edit a campaign?

After you create a campaign. You’ll see a list of all of your active campaigns.
You can select “edit” to fix a typo, rename a campaign, or otherwise edit the call script. Don’t worry, any links you’ve already shared will still direct back to the same campaign.

When can I see analytics on my campaigns?

Campaign analytics begin to flow to the platform in real-time, as soon as your followers start making calls!

What analytics do you provide?

Right now helloGOV provides counts on page views and calls made. Pages viewed is the count of clicks on your campaign link and calls made is the count of clicks to dial a Congressperson. Stay tuned, as we’re going to continue to build out more analytics features in the future!

How is helloGOV different from other calling platforms?

Many calling platforms provide the functionality of connecting callers with their correct congressional representatives. helloGOV is uniquely built to also cover state representatives, including state house and state senate in all 50 states, and actually track the impact with clickthrough rates and call rates.

While many other call campaign platforms are aimed at individual users, we wanted to ensure that organizations already in the field running advocacy campaigns get to benefit from the same technology while being able to configure and track their own custom campaigns in order to mobilize their followers.

Who’s behind helloGOV?

helloGOV was founded at the first Debug Politics hackathon in San Francisco. As of 2018, this project has continued development and expansion of state legislature support by developers, designers, and project managers at Hack for LA, a Los Angeles-based Code for America Brigade.